4 Key Reasons Why Collectors Prefer to Deal With Educated Debtors

4 Key Reasons Why Collectors Prefer to Deal With Educated Debtors

Managing debt is an art and skill and many Americans are still fearful and inept in handling it. Many average Americans fear that dreadful phone call from a debt collector and don’t fully grasp the seriousness of the matter. Complaints registered against debt collectors have seen an all time high in 2011, according to a Federal Trade Commission report.

Stories of international debt collection scams and pursuing the grieving parents of a young lad for debt or other people, who do not even owe any money, further escalated the situation. However, it doesn’t mean at all that the collectors are getting more abusive, meaner or excessively violating the laws laid out in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

A close examination of the situation revealed that it’s the lack of understand the situation which further complicates the matter. A debt collector is there to help solve a problem and not further escalate the situation as that is in nobody’s best interest.

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Below we have listed 4 key reasons why debt collectors prefer to deal with educated debtors instead of illiterate borrowers.

Always Act in Response

One of the most common pieces of advise borrowers will always get from a debt collector is never ignore their calls. Collectors believe ignoring their calls or letters is the worst thing a consumer can do, since it leaves no choice for collection agencies, but to take a quick legal action. It means customers will get more calls and letters from the agency. Educated borrowers  always make an effort to stay in touch with collectors either by calling them up or sending an email/letter in response to a voice mail or message. Experts believe customers who don’t try to run or hide from collectors are likely to settle their past due accounts quicker. It also helps the communication process and resolve any disputes or questions that arise in a timely fashion.

Never Shut The Doors

Cedar Financial FDCAMajority of the debtors deem that either they have to pay off the entire debt or nothing at all. Such a belief often proves a costly mistake for borrowers. Since the key aim of collectors is amicably and tactfully compel customers to pay something, even in the form of small installments. It is only possible when the debtors keep all the communication doors open. Educated borrowers are well aware of this fact that collectors use payment plans as tool and taking legal action or possession of your assets is not their priority. Additionally, they know that collectors develop a payment plan only after discussing their finances, which enable them to set their budget and get them in better financial shape. It is why today leading international collection agencies like Cedar Financial prefer to call themselves your financial consultants rather than just collection managers.


Work Out a Deal

Unlike uneducated borrowers, literate debtors have the tendency to surprise collectors. Many collectors usually expect a negative response from the debtors when they are trying to negotiate a deal. However, by keeping the communication doors open, educated debtors not only surprises the collectors, but also create room for themselves to work out a deal. Given that once the collector realizes a debtor is flexible and receptive to payment plans and terms, it is highly likely that they reach an agreement with the consumer. In contrast, illiterate borrowers fail to recognize this opportunity and end up further deteriorating their case.

Never Get Emotional

No matter, how many debt collectors you may speak with, one advice that every collector may give to consumers is never ever get emotional about a debt collection issue. Smart borrowers know that if they keep their cool, they’ll be in a better position to deal with the collector. The collector is here to help resolve the issue and not create additional problems. Be honest and don’t let the situation get to you. A professional collector will be there to work with you on resolving the matter together.

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