Earning and Keeping Your Trust Is Our Number One Goal

Benefits of Hiring Cedar Financial

A company's accounts receivables are usually it's second, if not its first, most important asset. It's a far cry from a just a debit figure on the balance sheet and reflects all the resources a company harnesses to manufacture, ship, and sell its products - all on a promise they will be paid at some point in the near future.

At Cedar Financial, we fully understand that when an account receivable is not paid, especially when it's significant, the impact can be devastating. Depending upon the time past due and the amount outstanding, not only may cash flow be severely hampered, but in some cases, a company's operation may come to a complete halt.

Therefore, in view of supporting every company's credit risk management system, Cedar Financial's commercial collection services comprise the following goals, standards, and procedures:

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Establishing, building and maintaining a relationship of trust and reliability with your company is our number one goal. In attaining this goal, we strive to fulfill your credit and collection needs that in turn will increase your cash flow and minimize the risk of selling on credit.

We pride ourselves on learning the fine details of your company's commercial collection needs and how they fit into your credit risk management system's goals and objectives.

Putting people first is our mantra and as your representative, we are very sensitive to maintaining the highest level of professionalism towards your customer.

Our collection associates all have extensive experience in the collection field and possess superior communication and negotiation expertise that supports the amicable collection of your claim. In understanding human relations, we are firm but fair, and always advance your best interests.

We are highly knowledgeable in the fields of international trade, business law, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and many other industries that support the persuasive and effective discussion towards the resolution of your claim.

Disputes of any kind are received in writing from the customer and every effort is made to resolve them without litigation. By discerning which disputes are legitimate and which "only excuses" are, we are able to effectively remove the issues and/or overcome the objections that are preventing payment respectively.

Should a claim require additional legal support, our in-house counsel is the next step in the collection process, providing our clients with a one-stop collection shop. Without any change in our contingency collection rates, our in-house counsel will continue to professionally encourage your customer to fulfill their payment obligation.

When your customer and claim is out of our jurisdiction, over the past twenty-five years we have forged the best legal representation around the nation and around the globe giving our clients continued world wide support at no additional costs.

Our worldwide network provides us an international partnership of collection attorneys and agencies in over 160 countries, we are able to be your International Credit & Collection "hub", regardless of the language, culture, legal system, and location of where in the world your customer is located. Whether it's for credit reports, on-site investigations, medical debt collection, or litigation, we are able to effectively support every client who does business overseas.

Finally, as a certified member of the Commercial Law League of America, the International Association of Commercial Collectors, and other professional associations, we have forged a reputation of integrity and results within a highly competitive industry.

Should all amicable attempts to resolve an account fail, Cedar Financial can offer you legal representation across the globe. Our legal representatives are experts in international and US debt collections and healthcare-related receivable services. Our worldwide network of attorneys has a complete understanding of local court systems and laws that gives you a clear advantage when litigation is the only viable option. Cedar Financial actively monitors all progress and reports to you regularly.