Debt collection


Comprehensive, People-First Help

We understand that debt collection can be a stressful process, regardless of whether your debtor is nearby or on the other side of the globe.

At Cedar Financial, we put people first, doing everything we can to get your money back while still preserving a good relationship with your customer. Our strategic public relations efforts are fair, nut firm—ensuring your reputation is our top priority!

We combine a people-oriented approach with the latest tech-driven solutions to drive results and provide better contact management. This comprehensive method gets the results you need while preserving customer relationships.

How we help you

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Avoid unnecessary credit losses due to bad debt
  • Resolve payment disputes and maintain positive customer relationships
  • Avoid unnecessary fees—you only pay for successful debt recoveries
  • Local Debt Collection

    At Cedar Financial, our Domestic collections division is industry renowned for recovering commerical debt collection across the Nation. Employing the most professional and effective debt collection techniques and strategies, our team is unmatched at successfully recouping outstanding balances.

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    International Debt Collection

    Cedar Financial offers international debt collection through the exclusive access to our worldwide vetted network. Featuring local, "on the ground" professional debt collectors and credit rights attorneys, expert representation is available to you worldwide - covering more than 100 countries globally.

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