Demand Notice Service™

Available to B2B/commercial debt only

As a final effort, our complimentary Demand Notice Service™ is designed to help clients engaged in commercial transactions avoid unnecessary collection proceedings with customers that merely need a little more than just an invoice or bill to pay their past due accounts.

Saving you the money and time involved to formally put the account into collections, our Demand Notice Service™ reaches out to your customers by giving them a limited time to pay or resolve their outstanding balances.

If payment is sent within the allotted timeframe, you pay nothing, and we’ll send your customer an e-receipt for their payment. It’s just another way Cedar Financial helps you get the money you’re owed – fast, which makes us one of the top international debt collection agencies across the globe.

How the service works:

Step 1:
A final notice is sent to the debtor via email and regular mail with your direct contact information inserted into our notice template allowing the debtor a limited time period to pay or resolve the outstanding balance due with you directly. The notice warns the debtor that unless the matter is resolved within the time given, the balance will be turned over to our agency for immediate collection.

Step 2:
Should the debtor make payment(s) within the time prescribed there will be absolutely no fee or obligation to our agency for the notice service.

Step 3:
Should the debtor fail to pay by the final date expressed on the notice, the account will roll-over into our database for immediate adjuster demand and standard contingency rates will apply.

Our Demand Notice Service™ avoids unnecessary collection proceedings and enables you to maintain your relationship with your customers. If the debtor pays within the time prescribed, you simply report the amount paid and our agency will automatically send an e-receipt to the debtor for the payment.

Benefits of the service:

  • Maintains positive relationships with your customers
  • Provides a final opportunity for your customer to deal with you directly
  • Avoids an agency fee on simple ready-to-pay accounts
  • Gets your customer’s immediate attention
  • Minimizes collection costs and resources

Sometimes all your customers need is a little “notice.” Our Prepaid Notice Service™ is a final opportunity for customers who need a nudge to get their past-due accounts current.

To get started, contact us at 1-800-804-3353 or complete our online inquiry form.