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Benefits of Hiring Cedar Financial

Cedar brings years of experience in an ever-changing industry that is undergoing growing challenges with chargebacks and friendly-fraud. Aside from educating a misinformed consumer about a CB, resolving baseless disputes and deliberate chargebacks is key to a successful recovery program. And as our clients sell globally so is their collection cross-border need. With local representation in over 140 countries we provide our clients access to an effective international chargeback collection program.

Recover more funds. Cedar's complete end-to-end service for consumer collections covers the full process from letters to authorized legal action. Our collection recovery rates lead the industry for domestic and international clients, all while protecting your brand reputation and customer relationships. Cedar Financial understands the risk of "friendly fraud" or chargebacks. We work with your customers, listen to their concerns and ultimately guide them to resolve the account.

Cedar's adjusters are experts in the laws, regulations and file-handling requirements shaping the consumer collection landscape. Cedar knows your customer relationships matter. Our online presence combined with current technologies and personnel education programs mean higher conversion rates and a more positive payment experience for your customers.

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