Cost-Effective, Speedy Debt Resolution

Managing your accounts receivable can be both time-consuming and tricky. When a balance goes past due, you may not have the time or resources to follow up effectively. At the same time, you may hesitate to place the bill in full collection, as taking that step can have consequences both for your client’s credit rating and your relationship with them. Cedar Financial offers a win-win alternative to help you recover what’s owed to you without formal debt collection procedures. We accomplish this by:

    • Providing your customers with a timely reminder that their debt is on the verge of default – Cedar Financial reaches out to give them the opportunity to resolve their balance before they experience any negative credit consequences. Our pre-collection process gives them 30 days from the time our letter is sent to take steps to pay what they owe. We treat your clients with respect at every stage to preserve your good reputation and positive relationships.
    • Leveraging our technological and professional resources for debt resolution – Save on in-house overhead and improve operational efficiency while increasing your cash flow by letting us handle the business of tracking down and communicating with debtors who’ve fallen behind on their payments. If you’ve lost contact with your customer, we can run a skip tracing scrub to identify their current address. Should your customer not respond to pre-collection efforts, the account can easily be rolled into collections, saving you time.

People-First Approach, Measurable Results
At Cedar Financial, we understand that achieving positive results in collecting debts requires a sensitive approach. Our goal is to recover your funds as efficiently as possible, while still maintaining a good relationship with your clients. Our efforts on your behalf are always fair, but firm.

We combine the latest technology with a highly trained staff to produce superior results. Cedar Financial’s team works together seamlessly to identify the best approach to collect the money you’re owed and to put that plan into action.

Contact us today to find out how Cedar Financial’s pre-collection services can help you.