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Since 1991 Cedar Financial has strived to become a leader in domestic and international debt recovery by putting our customers first.

Our mission is simple; to provide the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery services available to our clients. All this, while focusing on the unique challenges in your industry.

Our industries include international and domestic collections in Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Government, and Retail. At Cedar Financial, we believe in providing our customers with the facts of their industry to guarantee quality and excellence.

See below for a variety of up-to-date blogs posted by Cedar Financial to ensure you have the most accurate and recent information in your field.

Debt Collection in Saudi Arabia

Request your Quote Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- The third largest country in Asia. The paramount body of law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Sharia. Saudi Arabia has an oil-based economy with strong government controls over major economic activities. While Saudi Arabia does not have complex transfer pricing rules like other jurisdictions, transactions … Continue reading Debt Collection in Saudi Arabia

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What Happens to Student Loans When a Student Moves Outside the US?

Each year thousands of students apply for loan programs in order to finance their higher education.  Many students find themselves unable to pay their monthly payments after they leave school. Whether they graduated with a degree or not, sometimes the monthly payments become too big of a burden to handle. Some students have feel that … Continue reading What Happens to Student Loans When a Student Moves Outside the US?

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The World Of Collections

Cedar Financial was founded in 1991 with the goal to build an agency focused on international collections Amir Erez was in law school in California when he realized that becoming a lawyer wasn’t the career path for him. He worked at a small collection agency after earning his undergraduate degree in finance and international business … Continue reading The World Of Collections

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4 Key Reasons Why Collectors Prefer to Deal With Educated Debtors

Managing debt is an art and skill and many Americans are still fearful and inept in handling it. Many average Americans fear that dreadful phone call from a debt collector and don’t fully grasp the seriousness of the matter. Complaints registered against debt collectors have seen an all time high in 2011, according to a … Continue reading 4 Key Reasons Why Collectors Prefer to Deal With Educated Debtors

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How Late Payment Affects Your Business?

When your total cash flows in and out of the business without any disruption, it means you have a healthy cash flow. Cash flow therefore is the first thing your potential business partners may look to see, because it gives them true picture of your financial situation. Above all, it unveils how well you have … Continue reading How Late Payment Affects Your Business?

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