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Since 1991 Cedar Financial has strived to become a leader in domestic and international debt recovery by putting our customers first.

Our mission is simple; to provide the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery services available to our clients. All this, while focusing on the unique challenges in your industry.

Our industries include international and domestic collections in Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Government, and Retail. At Cedar Financial, we believe in providing our customers with the facts of their industry to guarantee quality and excellence.

See below for a variety of up-to-date blogs posted by Cedar Financial to ensure you have the most accurate and recent information in your field.

Cedar Gave 5K for Strength United & Annual WE Build for Homes4Families

Cedar stands by its motto: “Putting People First.” In addition to its consumer-centered approach to debt collections, the Cedar team seeks to make an impact on the local community by contributing to great causes. This year, members of the Cedar team joined Strength United at the Kick-off Weekend for the LA Big 5K, running a … Continue reading Cedar Gave 5K for Strength United & Annual WE Build for Homes4Families

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Proposed CA Bill May Negatively Impact Educational Collections

A new Assembly Bill introduced by Assembly Member Luz Rivas, California AB 1313, could potentially make it more difficult for postsecondary schools to collect on debts owed by students. Under this measure, schools would be prohibited from using transcript issuance as a debt collection tool, including refusing to provide a transcript, conditioning the provision of … Continue reading Proposed CA Bill May Negatively Impact Educational Collections

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Enforcing Foreign Country Judgments in California

Cedar Financial V.P. and General Counsel, Alan Fassonaki, shares insights on the process for domesticating and enforcing foreign-country judgments in California.

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China Encourages WeChat Users to Blow the Whistle on Deadbeat Debtors

Cedar Financial recognizes social media as a valuable tool in the collector’s toolbox. With technology changing rapidly, Cedar is keeping its finger on the pulse of new developments online. This year, China released an app on WeChat encouraging users to report nearby debtors who may be shirking their responsibility to pay. Click to read more about how this development could help increase collections success in China.

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