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Consumer Debt Collection


Consumer Debt Collection

Cedar Financial has a strong foundation in consumer collections. We understand that recovering consumer debt is a challenging and difficult process for creditors, and we provide exceptional solutions that deliver solid results.

Our adjusters are experts in the specific laws, regulations and unique file-handling requirements that govern the consumer collection landscape.

Additionally, all of the division's collectors are continuously trained and certified in Professional Telephone Collectors Techniques (PTCT) and the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA). The result is a team that generates results, but who remain sensitive to the maintenance of positive customer relationships.

Pre-Collection and Early Intervention

Pre-collection provides a cost effective way to manage your past due receivables. Reaching out to your customers before they enter into default can motivate them to resolve their balance sooner, avoiding a negative credit impact. Cedar Financial will enter the accounts into our system and then run a skip tracing scrub to identify current addresses.

30 days after the pre-collection letter is sent to the customer, all customers that were not responsive are rolled over to collection accounts. This is a huge time saver for our customers.

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Benefits of Pre-Collect

  • No flat rate fee
  • No contingency fees paid
  • Better response rate
  • Quicker resolution of past due balances
  • Maintain customer relationship
  • Quick and easy roll over to full collection campaign

1st Party Collections (BPO)

1st Party Collections as a Business Process Outsource

Finding the time to stay in contact with your customers regarding past due payments can be difficult. Utilizing our BPO allows you to reduce the cost associated with following up on slow paying accounts.

Cedar Financial has developed a program that can streamline your internal efforts. We are contacting your customers as representatives of your company, not as a third party agency. By working as an extension of your company, this program results in a higher number of customer contacts. Overall this leads to better collections and improved customer satisfaction.

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Let's find out how Cedar Financial can help services your accounts. Contact us today!

Benefits of 1st Party Collections (BPO)

  • High customer retention and satisfaction
  • Decreased number of default accounts
  • Customizable to meet your company's needs
  • Quick and easy roll over to full collection campaign


We have a highly motivated team of negotiators with a passion for their job. Debt recovery success is achieved by focusing on diplomacy, persistence and an understanding of individual and business circumstances.
This approach helps us to achieve results while maintaining the value of your brand. Respectively, uniting the right systems with the right people, we match your service requirements, ensuring optimum recovery of both large and small debts, which may have previously been considered futile.

Accounts that are unresolved amicably, by payment, are forwarded to our dedicated trace and legal teams, if authorized. Additionally, they identify accounts that are best suited for legal action to recover the debts. Having identified the appropriate actions, our teams then individually take responsibility to manage the account to the required conclusion.



In-house Counsel - Should a claim require additional legal support, our in-house counsel is the next step in the collection process, providing our clients with a one-stop collection shop. Without any change in our contingency collection rates, our in-house counsel will continue to professionally encourage your customer to fulfill their payment obligation.

Keeping You Informed - Every claim, whether domestic or international, is given personalized and customized attention from many perspectives. Status update reports, feedback, and advice towards the resolution of each claim are provided to you on a timely basis.

Well Vetted Creditor's Rights Attorney Network - When your customer and claim is out of our jurisdiction, over the past twenty-five years we have forged the best legal representation around the nation and around the globe giving our clients continued world wide support at no additional costs.

Our Network and Our Agency Are One in the Same - Our long term network of vetted contingency based creditors' rights attorneys is an extension of our own company's core values and operating procedures. Every claim that is placed through our attorney network receives the same close monitoring and follow-up as though it was still in-house. The efficiency of Our Case Management System is that you never have to deal with any other party in the collection of your claim. Again, we are your one-stop collection shop.

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