Industry: Commercial, IT/Technology – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Location: France

Results: Invoice problem fixed; large-balance invoice Paid in Full.


An automated video creation company’s client failed to pay invoices on time.

The Challenge:

The debtor company did not respond to internal collection attempts, so our client placed the account with Cedar Financial for commercial debt collection.

How Cedar Financial Solved the Problem:

We assigned the file to our local France debt collection office. Within a week, our local agents established contact and determined that the debtor wasn’t paying because the company name was listed incorrectly on the invoices.

Once the client issued new invoices with the correct entity name, the debtor’s accounting department paid the account in full.

The Takeaway:

Local agents resolve international collection problems fast.

Even if your customer is willing and able to pay, misunderstandings and simple communication failures can leave your invoices unpaid.

Cedar Financial has local agents in over 150 countries worldwide who understand the language, culture and laws of your customers, enabling us to effectively bridge communication gaps and resolve problems for fast recovery of your funds.

Ready to see what a local presence in France can do for you?

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