International Debt Collection for Australia

Collecting a debt in Australia can seem impossible. Language and cultural barriers, foreign laws and customs, and sheer distance all impose serious challenges.

Debt recovery is simpler when you use a collection agency fluent in the laws and customs of the country where the debtor resides. Cedar Financial offers on-the-ground representatives in Australia who understand the debt collection practices that work to support full recovery of your funds.

Our office in Australia is dedicated to servicing all consumer and commercial debt. They have become industry leaders through their ability to skip trace and locate your customers and negotiate payments quickly and effectively.

Thanks to our newly updated online client portal, you will be given 24/7 access to view your accounts. You can review notes in real time and interact with the case manager directly! We believe transparency is key to developing a strong relationship with our clients.

  1. Legal Fees - Legal fees vary from state to state and on the amount of the debt, so quotes are given on an individual basis.
  2. Data Protection - UCC follows the Data Protection Act of the EU, Singapore and Australia and we apply this across all offices where we are based throughout the APAC Region.
  3. Technology - In 2015 UCC upgraded its debt collection systems with Debtcol, a cloud based system which is currently one of the most advanced currently being offered in Australia. In 2016 UCC will upgrade its VOIP system to the 3CX VOIP Communication system one of the most high-tech communication systems available on the market.

We provide premium debt collection services to the international business community. We are the only Australian agency which specializes in international collections as its main source of revenue with:

  1. Offices in Singapore and The Philippines.
  2. Active collections in the Pacific islands.
  3. Currently in negotiations to establish an office in Vietnam.
  4. Multi-Lingual staff.
  5. Registered merchant provider with the banks allowing easy payment of accounts by credit card and direct debit.
  6. The whole of Australia covered with an extensive network of field agents and legal support in each state.
  7. Free skip tracing for large clients.

We work on a "No Collection - No Fee" basis so we will not charge a fee if we recover no monies for you. That principle applies to pre-legal debt collection only. If legal action is recommended/unavoidable- we will quote our legal fees separately. given before we proceed.

No minimum number of accounts. No minimum dollar amount for large clients.

As long as necessary to get the debt collected. Generally, we will know within a month or two if legal action will be required to collect the debt.

  1. Letter - Then wait three or four days depending on where the debtor is.
  2. Phone debtor.
  3. If the debtor will not answer the phone we will send another if the debt is large enough to warrant legal action.
  4. If we have not heard from the debtor we will recommend a field call to determine if the debtor is still at the address given.
  5. If the debtor is there but refuses to pay we will recommend legal action.
  6. If the debtor is not at the address recommend a skip trace.

6 years, but many agencies in Australia will only go until five.

Not necessarily, it depends on the debtor. If the debtor disputes the debt, then we will need documents.

It depends on the agreement between the debtor and creditor. They must have a written agreement with the costs recoverable clause to allow debt collection costs to be added.