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Debt Collection Philadelphia

Reliable Recovery Solutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Outstanding debts can impede your cash flow and hamper your business development. Pursuing payment on either commercial or consumer past-due accounts can be a time-consuming, frustrating process. If you’ve done business in Philadelphia and your client hasn’t paid, we have the answer. Whether your client is located in Center City, University City, Schuylkill, or elsewhere, Cedar Financial can help.

The best way to collect on your unpaid bills is to consult an experienced debt collection agency. Since 1991, Cedar Financial has worked to provide comprehensive, professional debt collection services to clients in industries such as commercial, retail, education, healthcare, and government. Our professional team analyzes each case to determine the most effective course of action to collect payment.

At Cedar Financial, our goal is to recover your funds as efficiently as possible. We give your clients the opportunity to resolve their outstanding balances before proceeding to formal collection efforts, saving you both time and money. Throughout the collections process, we seek the ideal combination of maximum recovery in the minimum amount of time.

When you work with Cedar Financial, you gain access to a powerful network of nationally licensed debt collectors. We operate everywhere your business needs to be, whether that’s in Philadelphia, across the U.S., or around the world. Our in-depth knowledge of debt collection processes and regulations saves you from costly errors and ensures the best possible results from debt mediation.

Comprehensive, People-First Help

Cedar Financial’s method is about more than just immediate returns. We know that preserving good business relationships is essential to ensuring your company’s reputation. We deal with your customers firmly but fairly to recover your debt.

Our integrated approach combines a “people-first” philosophy with the latest technological solutions to provide better contact management and drive results. Our effective, diplomatic communications produce positive, professional resolutions.

Our people-oriented philosophy also applies to the team we assemble on your behalf. Cedar Financial’s highly trained debt collectors and legal counsel work together with diligence, persistence, and understanding to produce the best possible results for you.

Contact us today to find out how Cedar Financial can help your business collect debt in Philadelphia.

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