It’s time to shop for a collection agency.  You’ve tried to handle the problem yourself, but your bottom-line is taking a hit, and you’ve got to get back on track.

You want to hire the best agency possible. After all, your money is valuable, and you want the biggest bang for your buck. We’ve created a checklist of things a great collection agency must have.


1. Customer Care

Customers are much more likely to pay when they are approached with courtesy and respect.

You don’t want to lose customers because your collection agency is aggressive. Look for a company that cares about your customers and wants to help them, not only demand money.


2. Omni-Channel Digital Communication

You need an agency that can interact with your customers through multiple channels, without added friction. This is especially true now in the Digital Age.

One customer may prefer phone calls, while another prefers a chat box. Or customers may switch channels to suit their needs. Being able to communicate seamlessly between channels is a must.


3. Online Payment Portal

Another effect of the digital age is the ability to make payments online.

It’s much easier for the customer to log in on their phone or laptop and pay that bill rather than mailing in a check or paying over the phone.

Make things as easy as possible for the customer, and you are more likely to get paid.


4. Custom Strategy for Your Company

Every company is different and has different needs.

Many collection agencies use the same collection plan for every customer they serve. This is ineffective.

Look for a company that tailors a plan specifically for your business.


5. No Cure, No Pay

You shouldn’t have to pay an agency if you’re not getting results. That’s just giving away your hard-earned money.

If an agency wants payment regardless of whether they collect for you, walk away. They’re not the company for you.


Boost Recovery with Cedar Financial

Cedar Financial checks all these boxes. We genuinely care for your customers and use a People-First Approach when discussing their debt.

We offer multiple ways to communicate and pay, making the process easier for the customer.

Your company receives a customized debt recovery plan, and we don’t get paid unless you recover.

We understand shopping around for an agency. It’s the smart thing to do. But you will see that Cedar Financial will give you everything you need and more when it comes to collecting debt.

Schedule your Free Consultation today and save time and money with Cedar Financial.


Grow Your Business With a Trusted Agency

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