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We understand how unpaid accounts can impact profitability and hamper the growth of your business.

With offices in over 150 countries, working with Cedar Financial provides you with access to a global network of nationally licensed debt collection firms.

Below we briefly explain the debt collection process of Cedar Financial.

The Pre-Collection Process consists of several important steps before collection efforts can take place.

First, our expert sales department of experienced credit risk consultants will meet with you to discuss the specifics of your outstanding accounts.
During this time, you will discuss the negotiation of terms and a thorough description of the particular procedures in our office will be addressed. Any additional questions you had may also be answered before terms are agreed upon.

Following negotiation, our Client Relations Department will request proof of claim documents (invoices, contracts or agreements, legal documents, etc.) and ask your efforts to recovery the funds thus far to validate the claim for collection efforts.

Once the claim has been validated, a pre-collection or final notice will be sent to the consumer as a last effort to resolve the account amicably.

Following the pre-collection grace period, unresolved accounts are transferred over into a full collection campaign.


Operate with our Pre-Collection services to help cut the cost of collections and convince your debtor to pay before the possibility of negative credit reports are made.

  • Pre-Collect – Utilize our Final Demand Notice service to resolve your outstanding accounts amicably before a full collection campaign takes place.
  • Final Demand Customer Outreach Program – Designed to help avoid collection costs by sending an official “last opportunity to pay” notice prior to being assigned to a collector with the possibility of being negatively reported on the consumers credit.
  • The Pre-Collection process serves to extend goodwill to consumers who just need “one last push” to resolve their account before the claim could be reported against them.

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Following the Pre-Collection process, any unresolved accounts are transferred to our Cedar Financial collectors for a full collection campaign.
During this time, our Client Relations Department will discuss your needs and preferences regarding placement methods, desired status reports, and remittance methods, amongst other updates.

From Client Relations, the accounts are now placed with Account Managers and our team of experienced collectors. Once the claim is with our collectors, the accounts are pursued with consistent and persuasive efforts in compliance with federal and state collection regulations.

Cedar Financial’s “People First” approach is utilized to preserve the integrity and reputation of the relationships you’ve created with your customers. Phone calls and Postal Mail efforts will be conducted and exhausted in attempts to resolve the account.

Our collectors will be in constant communication with Account Managers to relay any information necessary back to the client, as well as, to provide regular status updates.


Take advantage of our experienced collectors to help settle your default/unresolved accounts! Our “People First” approach can help restore the relationship between you and your client, opening the door for repeat business and new referral accounts.

  • Full Collection Campaign – Our experienced collectors begin their efforts to resolve your outstanding accounts. Any updates such as refusals to pay, disputes, or request for validation documents will be noted to each file and available to be reported back to the client at their will.
  • Payment Arrangements – During the course of the collection process, certain payment arrangements may be negotiated between the client and our Account Managers to establish beneficial payment plans for the consumer, as well as, recommendations for one-time payments to settle out accounts.
  • Status Reports – At any time through this process, the client can contact our agency to request a full status report update regarding progress on certain accounts, the ratio of open and resolved accounts we have on file, or to provide any additional information that may benefit our collection efforts.

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Once Cedar Financial collection efforts have been exhausted, our Account Managers will review all non-paying or unresolved files for possible recommendation of legal action.

The factors that are considered for legal action may consist of balance of the account, age of the debt, and the collectability of the claim. This process involves the discovery of consumer assets and risk-reward evaluations to determine whether moving forward with legal action would be cost effective for the client and the agency.

Legal efforts typically require an increase to the agreed contingency rate in order to accommodate attorney services.

Depending on the arrangement and the contingency rate agreement, legal costs are subject to up front coverage to proceed with filing a suit.

The Cedar Financial legal service offers access to a global network of experienced attorneys to represent your claim through the next step. During this process, the client will facilitate any further action.


Taking any account into legal consideration can be stressful.
At Cedar Financial, our legal representatives provide cost effective recommendations to help you settle out your accounts once and for all.

  • Global Network of Collection Attorneys – Cedar Financial is partnered with an international assembly of legal representatives to assist any continued legal collection efforts.
  • Expert Recommendation – An expert council of Account Managers will review each unresolved file and determine through risk-reward consideration whether moving forward with legal assistance is financially beneficial for the client.
  • Low Up-Front Cost Option – Depending of the circumstances of the claim, the cost of legal assistance is subject to up-front coverage in order to remain efficient in our efforts to resolve your accounts.

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