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Leveraging Over 30 Years of Industry Experience

Cedar Financial is a leader in US, international and legal debt collection. Over the years, we have developed a unique, proactive system of cross-border account recovery that maximizes cost-efficiency while producing superior results for our partners.

How Many of These Challenges Are Hindering Your Agency’s Growth?

  • Skyrocketing Payroll Expenses
  • High Employee Turnover
  • Difficulty Training & Retaining Talent
  • Complicated, Costly Compliance Requirements
  • Licensing Across US States
  • Implementing Technological Solutions
  • Losing Clients to Larger Competitors

Maximize Recovery, Limit Costs

Cedar Financials’ agency claims forwarding solutions can help you expand your Market Share and be competitive at a fraction of your payroll costs, with an experienced team of collectors and transparent communication software.

Not Just Another Network

Cedar Financial stands apart from the rest. Nationally licensed in the US with local offices around the globe, we offer competitive rates compared to other agency services. Whether your claim is in Los Angeles, Florida or China, you’ll get the same low rates. Plus, as a trusted US-based ACA International partner and member of TCM Group, you can depend on us to deliver quality, every time.

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Our focus is to improve and expand your collections offerings while cutting costs, leaving you free to grow your business.


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Global Debt Collection Solutions

So how do we help you collect more for less, allowing you to focus on what matters most … growing your business?


Local Collections Around the Globe

Leverage licensed and experienced collections professionals that are locally based and internationally focused for fast, efficient results in over 150 countries and all 50 U.S. states.


Seamless System Integration

Ensure safe transfer of files with our secure data exchange; update clients on account progress and payments in real time with online access to our proprietary collection software, CollectCo.


TCM Guarantee Fund

Find security in an insecure industry with our unique guaranteed fund for all monies collected anywhere in the world.

Rest assured that if we collect, you get paid, no matter what.

The Solution to Your Cost Conundrum

Payroll expenses and staffing are the biggest challenges agencies are facing today, according to The State of Collections 2019 TransUnion report.

We provide you with expert collectors in the countries where your clients need them, at reduced operational costs and competitive rates.

Why Outsource Debt Collection with Cedar Financial?

  • Vetted local experts for any debt type, size or time zone
  • Global compliance to all laws
  • Experienced training managers
  • Improved liquidation rates and profit margins
  • Quality assurance and monitoring
  • Full transparency, no hidden fees

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Powerful Global Collections Network

Leverage local office expertise and specialist knowledge in international debt collection for success with all client types, debt sizes and time zones.

  • Knowledge of local language, culture and laws
  • Licensed and accredited in country of operation
  • Industry-leading quality, compliance and results

Collection Without Complication

U.S. Collections

In the U.S., debt collection is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Federal law, as well as myriad and varied state regulations, make compliance expensive and time-consuming for agencies.

Cedar Financial is headquartered in California and licensed to collect nationwide, in all 50 U.S. states. With our agency solutions, you can expand your reach across state lines, without expensive licensing and compliance costs.

International Collections

International debt collection can be one of the most complicated and costly undertakings that agencies face. But in an increasingly global economy, cross-border solutions are essential to stay competitive.

Cedar Financial is one of the only agencies partners that services remote areas around the world. For a full list of the 150+ countries we serve, visit:

Legal Collections

Cross-border legal collections can be a messy, time-consuming and costly undertaking, especially when dealing with complex foreign legal systems.

Cedar Financial has spent decades developing a qualified network of vetted creditor’s rights attorneys located in every U.S. state as well as countries worldwide. We provide end-to-end legal services at a low cost, including skip tracing, asset location, lawsuit filing, judgments and post-judgment enforcement.

We make global simple.

Seamless System Integration

Reduce costs, increase profits and keep your clients happy with our transparent network solutions.

CollectCo Software

Recover client relationships by providing them with real-time reports and updates. Avoid frustrating communication delays with 24/7 online access to live collections notes and account statuses.

Secure Data Exchange

Protect your clients’ data at every stage of collections with our private secure data exchange network. Rest easy knowing that any documentation provided is totally protected during transmission.

Quality Control and Monitoring

Ensure operations success by working only with vetted partners and attorneys. Every local office in our network is contractually bound to adhere to strict ethical, professional and service standards.

Protect Your Payments

Reduce the risk in agency partnership with our unique TCM Group Guarantee Fund.

  • Insure your business against high-risk country collections.
  • Guaranteed fund for all monies collected, anywhere in the world.
  • Get paid if we collect, no matter what.

We work with you, not against you

Cedar Financial works under a Nondisclosure Agreement, so you can be comfortable knowing we work for you exclusively. Your clients never need to know our relationship with you.

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Our focus is to improve and expand your collections offerings while cutting costs, leaving you free to grow your business.



“The reporting side of things and the online system makes my job a lot easier considering the time differences in being in Australia.” – Agency Partner in Australia

“We think you’re helpful in every case. Increasing client demands = constantly improving service of our agencies. We especially appreciate the quick answers regarding case updates and legal advice regarding the law in the USA.” – TCM Group Agency Partner

“Always fantastic service from Cedar and thoroughly enjoy our working relationship, which will only get stronger as time goes on.” – Agency Partner

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