Industry: Commercial, Software

Location: Chile

Results: Payment in full within 3 months.


A company in Chile purchased software services from a company in Denmark and failed to pay the invoices on time.

The Challenge:

Language barriers and time difference complicate recovery 

The software company tried to recover the amount owed to them for a year, but the significant language barrier and time difference made it difficult for our client to connect with their debtor.

After receiving no results, they hired Cedar Financial for international commercial debt collection.

How Cedar Financial Solved the Problem:

Within just three months, our professional team was able to recover the full amount. Here’s how:

1) Local debt collectors in Chile overcome language barriers 

We assigned the file to our local Chile debt collection office. With on-the-ground collectors in Chile, we were able to reconnect with the contact at the company, who expressed that English was a challenge. By connecting with them in their language and time zone, we were able to overcome their silence and start payment negotiations.

2) Payment plan for financial hardship 

Upon contacting the debtor, out local agents found that the debtor wanted to pay off their debt but had hit severe financial hardships and didn’t have the means to resolve the debt in one go. Our agents listened and came up with a payment plan that worked for both the client and the debtor.

3) Follow up to ensure timely payment 

Once a promise to pay was received, our local office followed up with calls and emails to ensure that the payments went through on time. By keeping an open line of communication, we removed any obstacles and made sure that the debtor did not go silent again before the obligation was fulfilled.

The Takeaway:

Distance can make it hard to recover your funds – even when customers have good intentions 

With 300+ local offices in over 170 countries worldwide, Cedar Financial offers experienced representatives in your debtor’s location for faster results.  Cedar Financial is an International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC) and ACA International accredited agency, our collectors understand the best practices to support full recovery of your funds – no matter where your debtor is located.

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