It is quite easy to be swept up in convoluted processes when it comes to dealing with debt recovery companies. There are minute details and strenuous procedures that can tire you out when all you are looking for is swift recovery. But contrary to widespread belief, some debt recovery companies have a system of customer service that puts them beyond others, and Cedars Business Services is one of them.

For every few problems that take longer to come to fruition, there are countless customers who have had a pleasant experience working with Cedars Business Services to resolve their debts, despite raising disputes and concerns when they first recognize their debt recovery issues. But how does this process become easier and what does Cedars Business Services do that sets them apart from other debt recovery third party companies?

Empathy and Recovery – Hand in Hand

When you think about debt collection, one of the most frequent images that come to your mind is a collector lurking in the shadows trying to leach your money. But the time for aggressive tactics and overbearing scripts is behind us. Collection agencies must ensure a respectful process when approaching customers for debt resolution so recovery can become an easier process for everyone.

A 2023 report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) highlighted a 34% increase in complaints related to debt collection practices in the past year, many citing “harassment” and “unfair treatment.” These kinds of complaints are evidence of collection companies not regulating their collection strategies and forgoing compliance even though it should be the most important aspect of the process.

Cedar Business Services has one mantra and that is collection with empathy, and they establish that through their training program at Cedar University. From the very start of the training, debt collectors are provided negotiation and communication training within which they are taught various models of compliance like FDCPA, FCRA and UDAAP, among others. They are given proper guidelines of communication techniques and trained to take mock calls to ensure they are compliant in their communication with customers.

Another aspect of the collection process is giving due diligence to every individual case. Collectors are trained to listen to the customers and understand their specific financial issues and address any concerns they mention regarding their financial hardship. Each collector develops a different game plan based on the customer’s situation so they can devise payment plans that favor the customer. Collecting with empathy means that every customer is treated with respect and understanding and opens door for future collaboration while preserving customer relationships for Cedars Business Services’ clients.

The Proof of the “People-First Approach”

While it may be easy to just mention all the other processes that make collection strategies at Cedar Financial more customer-centric, these efforts are only valid when actual people see the potency in them. When looking for a reliable debt collection agency, the easiest way to find a reputable agency is to look at the raw, uncut reviews that are shared by actual consumers. And that is where Cedars Business Services reviews present evidence of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

In the process of debt collection, one of the most frustrating parts is having to wait for days on end without a resolution. But Cedars ensures that the process of debt resolution begins as soon as an account is placed with them, so that the recovery can be fast tracked for the costumers, as evidenced below:

As empathy and respect remain important aspects for collectors from Cedars Business Services, their efforts go into ensuring that every customer that comes to them or is contacted by them has a pleasant experience of their debt recovery process. As per the training that is given to the Cedars Business Services’ collectors, their exchanges with customers speak for themselves in reviews like these:

Along with timely recovery, collection is also a complicated process that requires proper documentation and follow-ups. You need someone who has a clear idea of the processes and knows how to carry an account to resolution professionally and diligently. At Cedars Business Services, collectors follow a thorough process of documentation and stay up to date on debt collection practices so that customers can be serviced properly, and all their concerns can be addressed promptly.

Preservation of Customer Relationships

Debt collection can become a very litigious process if not handled correctly, with customers facing issues in clearing their debts and collection agencies ensuring they can collect the necessary amounts as quickly as possible. It is a job that requires patience and vision, and that is where Cedars Business Services reviews have proven their competency. More than knowing what the customers want, their debt collectors ensure that customer lifetime value for clients remains intact after the collection process has begun. In most cases, any customer that is sent to collections does not come back to the services of the vendor or business that sends them into collections. But Cedars Business Services handles collections in a way that the door for collaboration stays open. By forging partnerships with clients for smooth recovery, they ensure their collection process retains the customer lifetime value (LTV) and paves a path for further collaboration between clients and their customers.

The training provided to debt collectors encapsulates all the necessary skills needed to maintain cordial communication with customers and that is reflected in the way people respond to the collection efforts from Cedars Business Services. There are various praises for the professionalism and respectfulness of debt collectors from Cedars Business Services, which is a testament to the energy and effort that goes into setting up effective and empathetic collection strategies that has won Cedar a place in the debt collection agency as a reliable company.

If you are weary of debt collection agencies disregarding FDCPA regulations and using aggressive tactics to recover debt, you need to find the right kind of company that can foster positive customer relationships with collection success. Cedars Business Services is that reliable source that will not only help you recover your accounts receivable effectively but also do so while maintaining your customer relationships so your business can continue to grow and prosper without the hindrance of bad debt affecting your revenue and your customer relationships.

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