Industry: Healthcare, Hospital, Insurance

Location: Israel

Results: Large balance recovered on 2-year-old medical insurance claims.


Two Israeli patients with medical travel insurance needed healthcare services while visiting the U.S. Our client, a hospital, sent the medical bills to the patient’s insurance for payment.

Due to unexpectedly high rates for the services rendered, the insurance company was reluctant to pay the full balance. Poor cooperation and long response times between the companies frustrated matters and delayed resolution of the two claims.

After over a year without a satisfactory result, the hospital placed the account with Cedar Financial for collections.

The Challenge:

The hospital wanted the full balance paid, while the insurance company would only offer a much lower amount. With neither willing to budge on the issue, it created a deadlock situation that seemed impossible to resolve.

How Cedar Financial Solved the Problem:

Over the course of seven months, Cedar Financial’s skilled negotiators were able to re-establish productive communications between the client and debtor to find an amount that was acceptable to both parties. By staying kind and professional throughout the process and persistently following up with both parties, our medical debt collector fostered a sense of goodwill that ultimately repaired the relationship between the two companies and resulted in a positive outcome for all.

A Sigh of Relief and Thanks from the Debtor

Once the issue was resolved, the insurance company was so relieved to put this matter behind them that they sent our collector a heartfelt note expressing their gratitude:

Thank you so much for all your work and your kind assistance in resolving these accounts. I can’t thank you enough.

This was a very problematic case, and I was pretty pessimistic if you could resolve it at all. I wasn’t getting any cooperation or response from the facility, I had to wait so long for any communication. I was close to giving up, and when you reached out it was a tremendous relief.

It was such a pleasure working with you. You always responded promptly, and you were always helpful, reliable, amicable and kind.

The most important of all- thanks to you we were able to get the bills paid, after nearly 2 exhausting years.

I’m really looking forward to working with you again!

The Takeaway:

Medical debt collection claims involving insurance companies can quickly become complicated, delaying payment and making it difficult for providers to cover healthcare costs.

When communications fail, our specialized international healthcare collections team is trained to step in, diffuse conflict and work collaboratively with the insurance company to find an amicable payment solution, while preserving your business relationship.

Whether you are a hospital, physician or other medical provider, Cedar Financial’s People-First Approach can help you get paid faster so you can get back to what you do best: caring for your patients.

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