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See how we are delivering success to our Category: Commercial debt collection clients around the world.

Local Argentina Collectors Overcome Distance, Disputes for Online Advertiser

When a customer in Argentina went silent, an online advertising company spent a year trying to collect on the invoice, with no results. When we finally did get in touch, they disputed the balance over and over. Here’s how we recovered the full amount in under 6 months.

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Face-to-Face Meeting in Mexico Resolves 3-Year-Old, $170K Commercial Debt

A credit insurance company covered $170K in costs for a timber purchase then spent 3 years trying to collect from the manufacturer in Mexico with no response. Within a month of placement, Cedar’s local office met with the debtor and set up a payment plan.

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When Our Judgment Becomes Blinded to Our Customer’s Problems

In reviewing the documentation and speaking with the credit manager about their business relationship, he felt terrible about the claim they had against this customer. With so many profitable years of business together, he never imagined that a gradual change in the regime would have some day resulted in the account becoming seriously past due.

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$3.25 Million Recovered in Nigeria

Client sold two helicopters to the debtor, which defaulted on the repayments. The helicopters were stored and never handed over to the debtor.

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Export Insurance Guarantor In South Korea

The online business of international debt collection had a series of unpaid invoices. The creditor had limited information on the internet operation (debtor).

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Provider of High Speed Data Connectivity for Air Passengers

The local office of Cedar’s worldwide collection agency and collection law firm network initiated recovery efforts and sent all necessary documentation supporting the claim to the debtor.

The team was able to get in touch with the debtor right away; they accepted responsibility for the debt immediately.

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