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Debt Collection Australia

A Trusted Recovery Solution in Australia

Collecting a debt in Australia can seem impossible. Language and cultural barriers, foreign laws and customs, and sheer distance all impose serious challenges.

Debt recovery is simpler when you use a collection agency fluent in the laws and customs of the country where the debtor resides. Cedar Financial offers on-the-ground representatives in Australia who understand the debt collection practices that work to support full recovery of your funds.

Since 1991, Cedar Financial has served as a trustworthy, nationally licensed debt collection agency, helping businesses collect unpaid accounts internationally. With knowledge of collecting debts in a wide range of different industries, our experienced team collects your debts quickly and effectively so you can receive the payments you're owed.

With offices in over 150 countries, including Australia, working with Cedar Financial provides you access to a global network of nationally licensed debt collectors. Our in-depth understanding of local laws, customs and cultures guarantees the best possible debt mediation results.

Comprehensive, People-First Help

At Cedar Financial, we put people first, doing everything we can to get your money back while still preserving a good relationship with your customer. Our strategic public relations efforts are fair, but firm-ensuring your reputation is our top priority!

We combine a people-oriented approach with the latest tech-driven solutions to drive results and provide better contact management. This comprehensive method gets the results you need while preserving customer relationships.

In addition, our network of debt collectors, attorneys, suppliers and vendors are cherished relationships that allows us to get the job done. We value each of these relationships, no matter how small or large.

Contact us today and learn what we can do for your business.

Frequently asked questions for Australia

We provide premium debt collection services to the international business community. We are the only Australian agency which specializes in international collections as its main source of revenue with:
1 Offices in Australia.
2 Multi-Lingual staff.
3 Registered merchant provider with the banks allowing easy payment of accounts by credit card and direct debit.
4 The whole of Australia covered with an extensive network of field agents and legal support in each state.
5 Free skip tracing for large clients.

We work on a "No Collection - No Fee" basis so we will not charge a fee if we recover no money for you. That principle applies to pre-legal debt collection only. If legal action is recommended/unavoidable- we will quote our legal fees separately. given before we proceed.

No minimum number of accounts. No minimum dollar amount for large clients.

We service both commercial (b2b) and consumer debt. With Consumer debt we cover healthcare, education, retail, government and utility debt recovery.

The collection process follows different time lengths depending on the circumstances of the claim. Typically, after three months of effort we will make a recommendation for the next step, which may or may not include legal action.

1 Letter - Then wait three or four days depending on where the debtor is.
2 Phone debtor.
3 If the debtor will not answer the phone we will send another if the debt is large enough to warrant legal action.
4 If we have not heard from the debtor we will recommend a field call to determine if the debtor is still at the address given.
5 If the debtor is there but refuses to pay we will recommend legal action.
6 If the debtor is not at the address recommend a skip trace.

6 years, but many agencies in Australia will only go until five.

Yes we do. In Australia field services is a major component of what debt collection agencies provide. Even though Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and the largest island, we cover 99% of the country through subcontractors. It is not unusual for subcontractors to travel thousands of kilometers and take days to complete a run.

Not necessarily, it depends on the debtor. If the debtor disputes the debt, then we will need documents.

Australia consists of two separate governments (State and Federal) thus creating and enforcing policy is also evident in the legal system. If you wish to commence legal action against a debtor this is done through the state legal system (Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts). But if you then wish to bankrupt the debtor, this is done through the Federal Court system. If you require a quote for legal action it is, therefore, necessary that you supply the following information:

  • The state where the debtor resides.
  • The amount of the debt.

It depends on the agreement between the debtor and creditor. They must have a written agreement with the costs recoverable clause to allow debt collection costs to be added.

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