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With high cost of living straining debtors and strict state regulations, it can be difficult for creditors to collect debts in San Diego. Having local experts on your side is key to success. Cedar Financial offers:

  • Over 30 years of successful San Diego debt recovery
  • Customized campaigns for fast dispute resolution
  • Vetted debt collection attorneys in San Diego

Regardless if your claims are big or small, commercial or consumer, our “People-First” approach will help you recover more funds in less time.

See why Fortune 500 companies trust us with their accounts in San Diego.

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Top Challenges in San Diego Debt Collection

California State and FDCPA Compliance

The state of California is known for extended consumer protection laws, which may make debt recovery in San Diego more challenging. California debt collection agencies must adhere to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the California/Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

It is important to only hire a licensed collections agency to maneuver through the strict legal rules and maintain a good reputation for your business.

Cedar Financial is an accredited member of ACA International and the California Association of Collectors. We are licensed and headquartered in California, with some of the highest compliance standards in the industry.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect your business while achieving your goals.

Identity Theft Disputes Take Time and Resources

In a 2020 study done by the  Year after year, California makes it to the list of top 10 states with the highest rates of identity theft. This means massive headaches consumers and creditors alike, as it requires verification of the debt and fraud investigation, taking up valuable time and resources.

Cedar Finacial’s veteran agents are trained to quickly and diplomatically separate genuine disputes from delay tactics, minimizing the time spent investigating false cases, while maximizing recovery on hard-to-collect accounts. Request a quote today.

High Levels of Debt in San Diego

California has some of the highest levels of debt per person across the board, which includes credit card, mortgage, student loan, and auto loan debt. San Diego is among the top cities with the highest mortgage debt. Inflated cost of living, rising educational costs, and a recovering housing market can place a significant strain on Californian’s wallets, making it difficult for them to pay back what they owe.

But it’s not all bad. Though it typically takes Californians longer to pay back debts, they are also more responsible in meeting monthly payments and have higher than average credit scores, making payment plans an excellent strategy for recovering your funds.

Cedar Financial patiently guides your customers to financial security with debt counseling and affordable repayment solutions. Our People-First Approach has helped many find stress-free, amicable solutions that work for everyone. Call 818-224-3800 today to learn more.

Short Statute of Limitations

California has one of the shortest statute of limitations in the United States. In California, the statute of limitations is four years for written contracts and two years for oral contracts.

California also recently updated the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to require collectors to inform debtors if their debt has become time barred.

Hiring a professional collection agency earlier in the recovery process can help you get paid what you’re owed before time runs out.

Cedar Financial quickly traces your debtor’s location and establishes a meaningful contact for the best possible outcome. Our experienced agents are trained in the best mediation techniques for fair, but firm negotiations that work for all parties.

Submitting claims is fast and easy.

Litigation in San Diego

While every effort is made to resolve accounts amicably, sometimes a firmer approach is needed. Here is what you need to know about legal process in San Diego.

Filing a Debt Collection Lawsuit in San Diego

Under the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you must file suit in the county where the debt was incurred, where the debtor lived when the debt was incurred, or where the debtor currently lives.

Once you file a lawsuit in San Diego, you must serve a notice, or Summons and Complaint, to the debtor letting them know of the lawsuit and give them time to respond. The failure to send notice will result in any judgment being uncollectable.

In the case the debtor does not dispute, you will be able to obtain a judgment and proceed to collect on it.

Cedar Financial offers access to trusted local San Diego debt collection law firms to pursue your funds in court. After a careful file vetting process and your approval, we handle everything, including asset searches, filing suit, obtaining a judgment and enforcement.

Contact us to learn about our low-cost legal options today.

Obtaining a Prejudgment Writ of Attachment

Before pursuing a lawsuit in San Diego, it may be beneficial to seek a prejudgment writ of attachment. This will create a judicial lien, which allows you to freeze the debtor’s assets pending the outcome of a trial or settlement.

Prejudgment writs of attachment will strongly encourage your debtor to settle and provide you with the assurance that you will have something to recover once you obtain a judgment, preventing debtors from escaping judgment by transferring assets before a decision is issued.

Enforcing San Diego Judgments

Winning a judgment does not mean you’ll be able to collect your funds. Often, enforcement actions are necessary to get your debtor to pay.

In San Diego, you have the legal right to several types of remedies:

  • Wage garnishment – the debtor’s employer deducts a part (up to 25%) of their wages to pay the debt.
  • Account levy – creditor with a writ may have a levying officer take money in the debtor’s account and apply it to the judgment balance.
  • Lien on real property – place a claim on property owned by the debtor, so that if they sell, they must pay the judgment. May prevent them from selling or refinancing their home if the value is insufficient to cover the debt.
  • Seizure of personal property – lien holders of personal property may demand the sheriff seize and auction property to satisfy the lien.

Recover more with top debt collection attorneys in San Diego.

Quick Facts About Debt Collection in San Diego

Open Invoices

Unpaid Invoice Interest Rate Up to 12%
Can Collection Fees be added? Must be included in the contract to be added.
Statute of Limitations/Prescription Verbal agreement: 2 years
Written agreement: 4 years


Post Judgment Interest Rate Up 10%. 7% if debtor is state or local government is entity.
Judgment Expiration 10 years.
Can judgment be renewed? Yes.

Local Experts in Collections

We offer on-the-ground representatives in San Diego who understand the debt collection practices that work to support full recovery of your funds.


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FAQs About Debt Collection in San Diego

Why should we ask you to collect our debts in San Diego?

Our professional San Diego debt collectors are trained in local laws, including the California/Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (CFDCPA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), for high levels of compliance and fast results you can count on.

What does it cost to hire you to recover the amount due to us?

For pre-legal services, we work on a “no collection – no fee” basis, so you will only pay when your funds are recovered. For legal services, we offer low-cost options.

What is the minimum amount or number of accounts you will accept?

We have no minimum value or volume that is required to place accounts.

What type of debt do you service?

We service consumer and commercial debts, large or small, across many industries.

How long will your amicable (non-legal) debt collection process take?

It varies. Factors such as the age of the account and the type of debt being collected must be taken into account, along with the specific circumstances of the claim. Because we know timely results are important to you, we guarantee an update on your claim within 30 days.

What is the typical debt collection process?

Once we receive your accounts and the proper documents to validate the claim, our representatives will begin by skip tracing the accounts to locate the debtor. We will then immediately begin working the account via phone and mail and issue a written demand notice allowing 30 days for debt validation as required by the FDCPA.

What is the statute of limitations in San Diego, for older debts?

The statute of limitations in San Diego is four years for credit card debt or written contracts, and two years for oral agreements.

Do you provide field services?

If your debtor is unresponsive to letters and phone calls, we provide on-the-ground field services for investigation, skip tracing, in-person visits at your debtor’s residence, asset searches, and more.

Do I need to provide documentation?

Yes, of course. We need all the relevant documents about the case, which includes any invoices, the debtor’s information, and other supporting documents.

Do you offer litigation services if you exhaust all amicable collection efforts without recovery?

Yes. In the event all amicable efforts are exhausted, our in-house legal team will conduct a thorough review of the file to determine collectability in litigation. If the file qualifies and you approve, we will work with the local attorney in San Diego to file suit and pursue the claim, including asset search, arbitration, trial representation, obtainment of a judgment and post-judgment enforcement.

Are collection fees legal to be added to the balance owed?

Yes, if included in the contract.

* The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. Information on this website may not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information.

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